Volume 2 - Issue 11

S.No. Paper Title Page No. Download
1. Use of waste and low energy material in building block construction
P.P Yalley, A.S.K Kwan
Index: 10.183X/A02110105aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-0105
2. Investigation of nanomaterial for cryogenic application
Dmitri Volkov, Sergey Timofeyev, Mikhail Turubanov
Index: 10.183X/B02110609aned
ESCI-MML: 83X-0211-0609
3. Task Scheduling in Multiprocessor System using Genetic Algorithm
Atul Kumar Rai, Ravindra Gupta, Gajendra Singh Chandel
Index: 10.183X/C02111018aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-1018
4. Analysis of Zero Offset Vertical Seismic Profiling Data Processing To Evaluate the Oil and Gas Reservoir in Well "X", Murzuk Basin, Soutwest Libya
Abdel Razak Saad Mohamed, Adi Susilo, Sukir Maryanto
Index: 10.183X/D02111929aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-1929
5. A latest Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorers Implementation for Emergency Control and Protect Consumers in Distribution Systems
B.RajeshM.Tech, M.Kumudwathi
Index: 10.183X/E02113038aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-3038
6. Autogenous Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Network
J.H.Reena, K.Govardhan Reddy, P.V.S. Srinivas
Index: 10.183X/F02113949aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-3949
7. Novel Loaded-Resonant Converter & Application of DC-to-DC Energy Conversions systems
Harish Shenigarapu, Sridhar Panthangi, Mallela Kishore, Ramesh Lakavath
Index: 10.183X/G02115057aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0211-5057

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