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Shape Design of Vehicle Frontal Area for Reducing Pedestrian Injuries
Tso-Liang Teng, Cho-Chung Liang, Shao-Feng Tai
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Index: 10.183x/A0802010108 aned
In a typical vehicle–pedestrian collision, the leading edge or top surface of the hood impacts the pelvis and upper torso, and the hood or windshield strikes the head. The body shell of a vehicle first contacts and injures the body of the pedestrian in a vehicle–pedestrian collision; the shape of the vehicle front determines the location and severity of injuries. Thus, the shape of the vehicle front should be designed in a manner that can minimize casualties. Given this rationale, this study adopted MADYMO to construct a rigid model in which the behaviors of a pedestrian being impacted by a vehicle were simulated, and pedestrian injuries were analyzed. In a vehicle–pedestrian collision, the windshield, hood, bumper, and leading edge of the hood of the car contact the body of the pedestrian...............
Author Keywords:- Pedestrian; Vehicle Front; Injury; Hood, Bumper; MADYMO.
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