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Dosimetric Evaluation Of Intensity Modulated Breast Cancer Treatment Techniques
Bora Tas, Ismail Faruk Durmus
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Index: 10.183x/A0707010105 aned
Background:Radiotherapy is an effective treatment method for managing breast cancer, since a large portion of the breast cancer patients are cured from their disease and hence become long term survivors. The modern technologies in radiotherapy (RT) based on inversed treatment planning. Objectives:The aim of this study was determining the better dose distribution and effective treatment of intensity modulated left breast cancer treatment technique. Additionally, we compared DIBH and FB techniques especially for LAD dose and mean heart dose while using partial VMAT technique. Method:A retrospective analysis was performed on nine early stage breast cancer patients treatment planning with eight FF beams for IMRT treatment. All plans were re-optimized with FFF beams using the same optimization parameters. Then, the treatment planning were performed for IMRT treatment and partial arcs for VMAT treatment while using the same optimization parameters for ten patients.....................
Author Keywords:- IMRT, VMAT, Breast Ca, DIBH
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