Volume 4 ~ Issue 9 ~ September 2015

Anticipation of climate change with reservoir in tidal swampland (case Pinang Luar, West Borneo, Indonesia)
Henny Herawati
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Index: 10.183x/A490106 aned
The tidal swampland is located in the estuary of the lowland river that is affected by the tide. It is one of the reliable land to meet the needs of agricultural land. Irrigation and drainage currently done by using the tidal movements of the sea water. It is less favorable condition during the dry season, because of the decreasing of availability fresh water from the upstream. When the condition of high tide occurs, the sea water can be flow into the land, but when the water at low tide, the water will instead flow toward to the sea and can caused possibility of going overdrain. Potential of monthly rainfall in the area of research is relatively high, averaging of 267 mm/month. In the dry month, the rain that occurred is less than 200 mm. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to built a reservoir as water storage that can be used to meet the water needs in the dry season. Reservoir is used as storage and water level controller. The capacity of reservoir will be adapted to the needs. With potential of discharge flow in the upstream that kept in the reservoir and rainfall, it can be used as water supply to irrigation.
Author Keywords:- Rainfall, reservoir, swampland, water control, West Borneo.
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