Volume 2 - Issue 7

S.No. Paper Title Page No. Download
1. Capacity Improvement by Cell Splitting Technique in CDMA System over Telecommunication Network
Sohrab Alam, Ashish Mittal, Mohd Gulman Siddiqui, Tauheed Qamar
Index: 10.183X/A02070108aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0208
2. Variation of Strength of OPC-Saw Dust Ash Cement Composites with Water-Cement Ratio
L. O. Ettu, K. C. Nwachukwu, J. I. Arimanwa, C. T. G. Awodiji, H. E. Opara
Index: 10.183X/B02070913aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0213
3. Water Resources Management Strategies On Non-Groundwater Basin (Non-Cat) Small Islands (Study Case: Batam Island) Happy Mulya Nim L5a 007 012
Prof. Ir. Jutata Hadihardadja, Dr. Ir. Robert Kodoatie
Index: 10.183X/C02071422aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0222
4. Certain Properties of Fuzzy Compact Spaces
M.A.M. Talukder, D. M. Ali
Index: 10.183X/D02072327aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0227
5. Pythagorean Triangle with Area/Perimater as a Special Polygonal

M.A.Gopalan, V.Geetha
Index: 10.183X/E02072835aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0235
6. Three Dimensional Simulation of Flow Field around Series of Spur Dikes
Anu Acharya, Anil Acharya, Jennifer G. Duan
Index: 10.183X/F02073657aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0207-0257

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