Volume 2 - Issue 5

S.No. Paper Title Page No. Download
1 Removal of Synthetic Dyes from Wastewater by Using Bacteria, Lactobacillus delbruckii
Siti Zuraida, M., Nurhaslina,C.R., Ku Halim Ku Hamid
Index: 10.183X/A250107aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0107
2 On A Class Of 𝒑−Valent Functions Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Function
Chena Ram And Saroj Solanki
Index: 10.183X/B250815aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0115
3 Performance Evaluation Of Two Toll Plazas On The Accra – Tema Motorway
Richter Opoku – Boahen, C.A. Adams and Mohammed Salifu
Index: 10.183X/C251623aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0123
4 A Survey on Pattern Recognition using Fuzzy Clustering Approaches
G. Nagalakshmi, S. Jyothi
Index: 10.183X/D252431aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0131
5 Implementation of Quality Process Frameworks (ISO&CMMI) in Higher Education: Opportunities, Benefits and Hindrances
Ramakrishna Seemakurti
Index: 10.183X/E253237aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0137
6 Equilibrium Adsorption Studies Of Methylene Blue Onto Palm Kernel Shell-Based Activated Carbon
Abechi S.E, Gimba C.E, Uzairu .A, Kagbu J.A Ocholi, O.J
Index: 10.183X/F253845aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0145
7 Start-Up Of An Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor Treating Low-Strength Wastewater Inoculated With Non-Granular Sludge
K.R.Venkatesh, M.Rajendran & A.Murugappan
Index: 10.183X/G254653aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0153
8 A Practical Approach For Computing Soil Bearing Capacity Under Shallow Foundations Using Vibro-Replacement Method
Mansour N. Jadid
Index: 10.183X/H255462aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0162
9 Cementing Property Evaluation Of Recycled Fine Aggregate
M. Ashiquzzaman, Sk. B. Hossen
Index: 10.183X/I256368aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0205-0168

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