Volume 1 ~ Issue 4

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1 Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of nitrogen ion implanted 316L stainless steel in Ringer Lactate solution
Kailas R. Jagdeo, Suresh Kadam, M. R. Nair
Index: 10.183X/A140106aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0106
2 Fractal Image Compression With Spiht Algorithm
Mr.Pratyush Tripathi, Ravindra Pratap Singh
Index: 10.183X/B140715aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0115
3 Comparison of Biogas production from Cow dung and Pig dung under Mesophilic condition
Aremu, M .O., Agarry S. E.
Index: 10.183X/C141621aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0121
4 A Comparative Study of the Performance & Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Operated on Soybean Oil Methyl Ester(SOME), Pongamia Pinata Methyl Ester(PME) and Diesel
S. Ghosh, D. Dutta
Index: 10.183X/D142227aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0127
5 Bacteriological Analysis Of Hand-Dug Well Water In Demsa Local Government Area, Nigeria
Tya, T.S.K., Umaru, A. B., Barmamu, B. R.
Index: 10.183X/E142831aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0131
6 Wheat leaf diseases dynamics in Albania
Zhaneta Shahini, Hekuran Vrapi, Skënder Varaku
Index: 10.183X/F143236aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0136
7 Implementation & comparative study of different fusion techniques (WAVELET, IHS, PCA)
Abhishek Singh, Mr. Mandeep Saini, Ms. Pallavi Nayyer
Index: 10.183X/G143741aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0141
8 Corrosion study of ZrN coated Ti6Al4V alloy in Normal Saline (0.9% NaCl) Solution
Suresh N. Kadam, Kailash R. Jagdeo, M. R. Nair
Index: 10.183X/H144247aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0147
9 Study of a Nuclear Power Plant Containment Damage Caused by Impact of a Plane
I. Němec, Š. Sychrová, I. Ševčík, J. Kabeláč, L. Weis
Index: 10.183X/I144853aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0153
10 Ultrasonic studies on molecular interactions in Binary mixtures of IBMK with Carbonyl Molecules
Index: 10.183X/J145477aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0177
11 X ray cone-beam transform for algebraic reconstruction of a stratified flow inside a duct
Alberto R. F. Teixeira, Nilson C. Roberty
Index: 10.183X/K147897aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0197
1 Formation Evaluation of well in order to find very perspective gas and oil in east of Kalimantan area by using mud logging service
Zouhir alhdad, Adi Susilo
Index: 10.183X/A140107aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0140-0207
2 Business and IT Strategic Alignment applying SOEA Framework
Nassir Dino1, Awel Dico, Dida Midekso
Index: 10.183X/B140815aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0215
3 Elongation and shortening under elastic deformation at atomic level
Dmitriy B. Titorov
Index: 10.183X/C141620aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0220
4 Performance Of Benzotriazole As Corrosion Inhibitors Of Carbon Steel In Chloride Solution Containing Hydrogen Sulfide
Agus Solehudin
Index: 10.183X/D142126aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0226
5. Computation and Interpretation of Effect Size in Significance Test
Habib Ahmed Elsayir
Index: 10.183X/E142732aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0232
6. Pseudo Symmetric Ideals In Ternary Semigroups
Y. Sarala, A.Anjaneyulu, D.Madhusudhana Rao
Index: 10.183X/F143343aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0243
7. Single Layer Monopole Hexagonal Microstrip Patch Antenna for Microwave Communication
Supriya Jana, Bipadtaran Sinhamahapatra, Sudeshna Dey, Samiran Chatterjee, Arnab Das, Bipa Datta, Moumita Mukherjee, Santosh Kumar Chowdhury
Index: 10.183X/G144448aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0248
8. Aquaplaning - Study Regarding The Adherence Of The Vehicles
Danut Ciubotaru, Vasile Neculaiasa
Index: 10.183X/H144955aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0255
9. Contributions Regarding The Study Of The Braking System Of Cars
Danut Ciubotaru, Vasile Neculaiasa
Index: 10.183X/I145662aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0262
10. Study of Friction and Wear on Journal Bearings
V.Mastan, V.Raja Kiran Kumar, Ch.Kiran Kumar
11. Process Limitations of A Wedm in Tool And Die Steel
A.Hareesh Kumar, Mrs.Y.Bhargavi, G.V.Punna Rao
12. Gainful Repossession of Text for Biomedical Sphere using Facts Withdrawal Method
Dr. D.Damayanthi, Mrs.M.Rajeswari, Mr.M.Narender
13. Wireless Remote Temperature Sens ing and Controlling Using ZigBee
Vaseem Ahmed Qureshi, P. Bhagyalakshmir