Volume 1 - Issue 4

S.No. Paper Title Page No. Download
1 Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of nitrogen ion implanted 316L stainless steel in Ringer Lactate solution
Kailas R. Jagdeo, Suresh Kadam, M. R. Nair
Index: 10.183X/A140106aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0106
2 Fractal Image Compression With Spiht Algorithm
Mr.Pratyush Tripathi, Ravindra Pratap Singh
Index: 10.183X/B140715aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0115
3 Comparison of Biogas production from Cow dung and Pig dung under Mesophilic condition
Aremu, M .O., Agarry S. E.
Index: 10.183X/C141621aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0121
4 A Comparative Study of the Performance & Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Operated on Soybean Oil Methyl Ester(SOME), Pongamia Pinata Methyl Ester(PME) and Diesel
S. Ghosh, D. Dutta
Index: 10.183X/D142227aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0127
5 Bacteriological Analysis Of Hand-Dug Well Water In Demsa Local Government Area, Nigeria
Tya, T.S.K., Umaru, A. B., Barmamu, B. R.
Index: 10.183X/E142831aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0131
6 Wheat leaf diseases dynamics in Albania
Zhaneta Shahini, Hekuran Vrapi, Skënder Varaku
Index: 10.183X/F143236aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0136
7 Implementation & comparative study of different fusion techniques (WAVELET, IHS, PCA)
Abhishek Singh, Mr. Mandeep Saini, Ms. Pallavi Nayyer
Index: 10.183X/G143741aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0141
8 Corrosion study of ZrN coated Ti6Al4V alloy in Normal Saline (0.9% NaCl) Solution
Suresh N. Kadam, Kailash R. Jagdeo, M. R. Nair
Index: 10.183X/H144247aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0147
9 Study of a Nuclear Power Plant Containment Damage Caused by Impact of a Plane
I. Němec, Š. Sychrová, I. Ševčík, J. Kabeláč, L. Weis
Index: 10.183X/I144853aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0153
10 Ultrasonic studies on molecular interactions in Binary mixtures of IBMK with Carbonyl Molecules
Index: 10.183X/J145477aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0177
11 X ray cone-beam transform for algebraic reconstruction of a stratified flow inside a duct
Alberto R. F. Teixeira, Nilson C. Roberty
Index: 10.183X/K147897aned
ESCI-MML: 183X-0104-0197

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